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Hello there! I am a freelance Master of Ceremonies and Vocal Performer. I have been in Bali since 2011 and have a great deal of experience as a performer, MC, model and singer. Aside from my native language, English, I speak Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia. My specialty is hosting events in both Mandarin and English–I would love to host your next event. Just contact me for more info!

您好!我是巴厘岛最有趣的主持人和歌手!从2011年开始,我就一直从事表演、主持的工作,此外我还做过模特,并且一直都是歌手。我的母语就是英语 ,我的中文和印尼文也都很流利。我用中英文主持过很多的婚宴和招待会。很期待能有机会主持您的招待会或婚宴。详细信息请联系我!

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